Interview with David Ignatius
The Supremacy of State Interests [English] [Armenian]
A Business and Economic Model for Armenia [English] [Armenian]
Interview with Gassia Apkarian
Interview with Jivan Avetisyan
Interview with Ruben Vardanyan
Culture, Education and Statehood in English and Armenian [English] [Armenian]

The Author Show Interview:

The Savvy Business Radio Interview:

A Place Far Away:

The rarely discussed subject matter from a seldom-seen part of the world makes for a compelling storyline.Kirkus Review

Zanoyan takes the reader from poverty-stricken villages in Armenia to Moscow and Dubai in a straightforward depiction of the horrors of human trafficking. -Clarion Reviews

The Doves of Ohanavank:

A thoughtful novel that effectively combines a thriller’s pace with a ripped-from-the-headlines topic. Kirkus Review

The Doves of Ohanavank is poignant, complex, and humane…a suspenseful and compelling thriller. -Clarion Review.

Asbarez: Women Exploited: Author Zanoyan Spotlights Sex Trafficking in Armenia

Armenian Weekly: Book Highlights Sex Trafficking in Post-Soviet Space

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